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Dust could have controlled ancient human civilization

The map shows the Levant Region (shaded orange) which represents the western part of the entire Fertile Crescent region (shaded yellow). The study areas in Israel and Crete are shown in dashed gray boxes. Arrows from the Sahara and Negev indicate dust transport patterns, and their thicknesses indicate the relative grain sizes that are being transported. Fine-grained dust is transported …

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A sun prognosis with good news for civilization as we know it

The sun is rising again. An international group of scientists announced Tuesday that the sun has emerged from the quietest part of its 11-year sunspot cycle and has now entered the 25th numbered cycle. (The numbering of the sunspot cycles goes back to 1755.) The researchers predicted that the cycle ahead would be pretty calm. Solar scientists track the cycle …

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“Battle for Civilization”: The Venice Film Festival calls for a fight against Netflix | Venice Film Festival 2020

Directors from seven European film festivals shared the stage at the opening of the 77th Venice Film Festival to fuel an industry they said was at risk due to the Covid-19 pandemic, usurped by streaming sites like Netflix to become. Venice chief Alberto Barbera said film festivals could play a “reduced role” after the pandemic, resulting in every major festival …

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Asteroid news: Civilization must leave Earth says Chairman of Parliament for Asgardia | Science | News

Asgardia is aiming to become the first-ever space nation and as it stands, is finding a way to continue the human race outside of Earth. Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Opik delivered a grave prediction of the human race. [19659003] Although there are many concerns over Earth's natural resources, Mr Opik has warned that the legitimate worry is the possibility of …

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No civilization is superior, says China's Xi, as the US trade war intensifies

When Xi opened the conference on Asian civilization in Beijing on Wednesday, he said there was no need to "speak against civilizations." "No civilization is superior to others, the idea that one's own race and civilization are superior." are superior and the propensity to transform or replace other civilizations is simply stupid, "he said, adding that this would have" catastrophic …

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