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Living in the center of Michigan – Antonio Brown returns to the CMU as a student? University administrators will not confirm this

Antonio Brown enrolled at Central Michigan University? The former recipient in Chippewa states that, according to an Instagram post, four classes occupy 12 credits. All courses are online. Brown left CMU in 2009 before earning a bachelor's degree. CMU registrar Keith Malkowski refused to provide information from the Central Michigan Life Directory about Brown. Malkowski said all inquiries about the …

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CMU researchers see computer vision around the corner – TechCrunch

Future autonomous vehicle and other machine intelligence systems may not need line of sight to capture unbelievably detailed image data: recent research by Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Toronto, and University College London has developed a "seeing around the corner" technique. " The method uses special light sources, combined with sensors and image processing, to effectively derive or recreate …

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