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– News – The Daily Reporter – Coldwater, MI

One can only speculate about the universe's cosmic secrets – and humans have spent millennia doing just that. The full moon of September is approaching, the so-called "harvest moon" closest to the full moon is the autumnal equinox (September 23). According to Farmers & # 39; Almanac, the arrival of this year's Harvest Moon depends on what time zone you …

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Freshwater species that rely on cold-water habitats will be affected – ScienceDaily

Air temperature increases due to climate change will make New Hampshire's streams warmer, according to Dartmouth-led research published in Freshwater Biology . The study looked at the extent to which stream water warms impacts on freshwater ecosystems across the country, as many species depend on cold water for survival. "If we understand how climate change impacts our rivers, we can …

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