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Mobile app to provide the latest on black hole collisions and merging neutron stars

Credit: University of Birmingham              PhD students from the Institute for Gravitational Wave Astronomy have published their new wave of gravitational wave events in near real time.                                                 Chirp, designed for use on mobile phones, displays the latest alerts from Lasers Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory / Virgo about a possible new gravitational wave. For each new and previous alert, the signal …

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Asteroid News: Scientists say collisions of space rocks with the Earth are inevitable | Science | news

The allegations were based on data from NASA and the European Space Agency. They were compiled by Destiny, a science-based YouTube channel with over 195,000 subscribers. An asteroid strike from a large rock on Earth could lead to a massacre. In response, the authorities spend considerable resources to detect known asteroids and seek new ones The extinction of the Cretaceous-Paleogene, …

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Collisions with black holes: Three supermassive black holes are about to crash science | news

The unexpected black hole trio was discovered by many different observations of the universe, including NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. Originally, astronomers wanted to explore pairs of black holes, but were pleasantly surprised to find three so close together. The three black holes are supermassive, which means that they are hundreds of thousands to billions of times heavier than our sun. …

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Gigantic asteroid collisions 470 million years ago caused the earth to freeze, scientists say

Dust from a collision with a giant asteroid in space allowed the earth to freeze, triggering a biodiversity boom 466 million years ago, scientists say. A 150-kilometer-wide asteroid erupted between Mars and Jupiter that were thrown down Huge amounts of dust toward Earth block the sun's light and cause dramatic global cooling. The dust drifted down to Earth over a …

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An error in the SpaceX communication system kept the company in the dark about possible satellite collisions

On Monday, a European satellite changed its position in orbit to avoid a possible collision with one of SpaceX's Starlink satellites – one of 60 probes that the company had launched in May Internet coverage to earth to transfer. The European Space Agency (ESA), which operates the satellite, carried out the maneuver after calculating a higher probability than usual that …

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Majorca planes kill at least five collisions in the air

Copyright Incendios F Baleares Caption The aircraft wreck landed on the street of a city At least five people were killed in Mallorca when a helicopter and an ultralight aircraft collided in the air. The crash occurred near Inca in the north of the popular tourist island off the coast of the Spanish mainland. At least one of the victims …

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