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PS5 fans panic about backward compatibility

Rumor has it that Sony is set to unveil the PlayStation 5 in full next week, but this time it is necessary to make sure that the news is displayed correctly. Mark Cerny’s recorded speech caused mass confusion earlier this year when he apparently implied that only 100 PlayStation 4 titles would work on the next-gen console. The platform owner …

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The backward compatibility of the Xbox Series X extends classic Xbox games with HDR at 120 fps

Microsoft’s next generation Xbox will launch with support for “thousands of games” from the original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, the company said. On Thursday, the company promised more than basic support for these older games – they should play better than ever, according to Jason Ronald, program manager for Xbox Series X. This includes support for HDR colors …

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Aquarius + All other zodiac signs: Relationship compatibility for dating according to love astrology

What happens when an Aquarius falls in love? Aquarius zodiac signs are one of the most eccentric, most independent zodiac signs (if not DAS). Whether they’re navigating through life, love, or something in between, they tend to do things with as much originality as possible. What does love astrology say about relationship compatibility for the zodiac sign Aquarius? Love for …

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Amazon enters a huge alliance to challenge the compatibility of language assistants

One day before the annual Fall Hardware event, Amazon announces a major partnership: It launched the Voice Interoperability Initiative, a memorandum of intent from more than 30 different companies that will strive to ensure that the devices work Work with multiple digital assistants simultaneously. For example, you could talk to Alexa or Cortana about the same smart speaker just by …

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USB4 brings better speeds and compatibility – but loses its place in the name – TechCrunch

Organizations behind the widely adopted USB standard have released some new information on the latest iteration of the interface, and this is only good news for consumers. It's faster and offers better compatibility without having to worry about which cable or connector to use. And pedants notice: After "USB" and the number is no longer a space. USB4, as it …

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PS5 backward compatibility speculation begins again as Sony submits another patent

Sony has filed another patent for a Backward Compatibility System that theoretically allows the inevitable PS5 to play games from earlier console generations. At the beginning of the month, a patent filed under Mark Cerny's name was discovered, indicating a backward compatibility method that, in theory, would lead the PS5 to claim the titles PSone, PS2, PS3 and PS4. The …

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