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Coral Reef Conservation Program Awards $ 9.3 Million In Grants

October 28th, 2019 by Carolyn Fortuna NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program has received more than $ 9.3 million in grants to support conservation conservation projects and scientific studies. The target regions range from 7 US states and territories, the Caribbean, Micronesia, the South Pacific, southern Mexico, and northern Central America. Grant and cooperative agreement recipients are also providing $ 5.4 …

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The study shows that people who feed birds affect nature conservation

A dark-eyed junco, an American goldfinch, and a house finch feed on sunflower seeds on a snowy day. Birdwatchers report that cold weather affects more than time or money, how much they feed birds. Picture credits: Cynthia Raught, Virginia Tech People in many parts of the world feed birds in their backyards, often because of their desire to help the …

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PSE silently asking for conservation following pipeline rupture

If you're looking for a place to live in Hawaii, go ahead and turn the thermostat back up. Stand in the shower as long as you'd like, do the laundry and everything else you'd normally do. But-there's always a "but" – Western Washington residents received the all-clear from area utility companies Thursday, as press releases from Cascade Natural Gas and …

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Orangutan study offers hope for conservation efforts

The evolution of the orangutan has been more heavily influenced by humans than previously thought, as new research suggests. A team of scientists has highlighted the evolution of endangered species and their findings provide new opportunities for orangutans As one of man's closest living relatives, the orangutan is a symbol of the vulnerability of nature human actions and an icon …

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Measure to finance California Parks, a conservation leader

LOS ANGELES – A proposal to lend California $ 4 billion for parks and conservation projects led to an early return on Tuesday in California. Proposition 68 – one of five nationwide voting measures – had received 55 percent of the vote with approximately 2 million votes. The proposal would allow California's universal bonds to fund parks and environmental projects, …

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