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Coyote shot after mother and child had been attacked in New Jersey Park

The 37-year-old woman pushed her son around 19:00 in a stroller. When someone alerted her that a coyote was following her, police in the northwestern town of Fairfield said in a press release. When she turned around, the coyote lunged at the woman, police said. She fell to the ground and the stroller was overturned, the police said. The coyote …

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Why Coyote Populations in North America • Earth.com have exploded

Coyotes have spread in North America, but when they immigrated and where they came from was hotly debated. With fossils and fossils, a team of experts has gained an unprecedented history of coyotes. At a time when most other mammal species were crashing, the coyotes exploded in much of North America since 1900 was well documented at the local and …

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Off-duty police officer rescues 5-year-old from coyote attack on playground

MOUNT ANGENEHM, N.Y. – A duty-free police officer is credited with helping a mother rescue her daughter from an aggressive coyote in a suburb of New York on Sunday. The incident is the latest in a series of coyote attacks in Westchester County, reports CBS New York. Kasey King Petrellese and 5-year-old Natalia Petrellese were in James M. Carroll Park …

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