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Scientists plan to create a single authoritative list of all species

It’s not an easy task to put together a list of all the big and small creatures on Earth, but scientists have now put together a plan for how to successfully overcome this daunting challenge. The possible solution contains 10 basic principles that must be followed by listmakers, as well as an agreed set of rules for classifications and credits. …

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Sony uses many robots to create a new PS4 every 30 seconds

A new report from Nikkei’s Asian Review provides a behind-the-scenes look at Sony’s PlayStation manufacturing facility in Japan. One of the most remarkable insights is that the process of creating a PlayStation console is now largely automated – that’s right, robots build game consoles. The report states that this advanced automation enables the PlayStation manufacturing facility in Kisarazu to assemble …

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A frightening premiere: physicists create an exotic “fifth form of matter” on board the ISS

Enlarge /. This series of false-color images shows the formation of a Bose-Einstein condensate in the prototype of the Cold Atom Laboratory in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory when the temperature approaches absolute zero, the temperature at which atoms have almost no movement. Caltech physicists and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have, for the first time, created a rare quantum state of …

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Gmail for Android gets a new create button

In recent weeks, Gmail on the web has taken over the integration of Google Voice and Chat for G Suite customers. Gmail for Android is now introducing a streamlined build button that does away with the style introduced last year. The floating action button (FAB) in the lower right corner of the inbox screen is no longer a circle. Instead, …

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Scientists create a cyborg eye that mimics reality

This is not just about cosmetic similarity. In a way, it’s close to organic eyes and even superior. Sensitivity is almost the same across the spectrum of visible light, while response and recovery times are faster. In a real eye, the nanowires are even denser than the photoreceptors. It will be a long time before an artificial eye like this …

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