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The matrix creator says to Musk, Ivanka Trump, ‘f — you’ for the tweet with the red pill

Film director Lilly Wachowski has not kindly received a tweet from Elon Musk shared by Ivanka Trump and asked people to “take the red pill”. Wachowski replied to Trump by republishing Musk’s tweet saying, “F – you two.” The phrase “red pill” comes from the matrix film trilogy of sisters Lilly and Lana Wachowski, in which taking a red pill …

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The creator of Wolfram Alpha has a bold plan to find a new fundamental theory in physics

Stephen Wolfram is a cult figure in programming and mathematics. He is the brain behind Wolfram Alpha, a website that tries to answer questions using algorithms to search a huge database of information. He is also responsible for Mathematica, a computer system used by scientists around the world. Last week Wolfram started a new project: the Wolfram Physics Project, an …

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Guildlings, creator of Threes, launches Apple Arcade

We're almost two months away from the launch of Apple Arcade and things have not slowed down significantly: Excellent new games from well-known developers are still regularly subscribed. The latest is Guildlings a quirky fantasy adventure game developed by some of the heads behind Threes and The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom and coming out today . The role-playing game takes …

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Libra keyboard creator says it's talking to Brydge; Brydge says it's not

The maker of the Libra keyboard has told multiple Kickstarter backers that it's "communicating actively" with Brydge regarding a lawsuit filed over the device last week. Brydge's attempts to reach out Brydge filed a lawsuit last week alleging that the Libra keyboard, which A MacBook Pro, violates a patent on it's own iPad keyboards. Sentis wants to "reach an agreement …

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Netflix Signs Complete Agreement with The Crown Creator – Deadline

Netflix completed The Crown the inventor of Peter Morgan, a comprehensive television and film contract. We hear that the pact is valid for at least four years. Three sources told Deadline that Netflix's deal with Golden Globe and BAFTA winner Morgan was completed when the company prepared to release The Crown on November 17. Season three, in which Olivia Colman …

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Elgato offers an extensible rigging system for streamer and creator

Earlier this year, Elgato announced a lighting device that can be attached to a desk so YouTube creators, twitch streamer and other online content producers can more easily illuminate their home setups. Today Elgato goes one step further and announces the Multi Mount, an expandable multipurpose rigging system that developers can use for their lighting, cameras, microphones or whatever they …

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