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A South Korean legislator has come under fire because of her outfit. Your crime? She was wearing a dress

The look in question? A red and white shirt dress. Not long after lawmaker Ryu Ho-jeong wore the South Korean legislative assembly dress on Tuesday, social media was flooded with misogynist comments about her outfit that showed some of the sexism that women politicians face in the country. Some posters said their looks were unsuitable for parliament, where 19% of …

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Detail, award-winning music producer, arrested for sexual assault and crime

Editor’s Note: This story contains details that some readers may find graphical. A Grammy-winning producer, known professionally as Detail, was arrested on Wednesday for 15 sexual assaults and five other criminal charges, the Los Angeles District sheriff department said. CBS Los Angeles reports that Noel Christopher Fisher, who worked with artists like Beyoncé, Wiz Khalifa and Jennifer Lopez, allegedly committed …

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The Kansas congressman is charged with crime in connection with the 2019 local elections

Watkins is specifically charged with law enforcement interventions for providing false information. Voting without qualification; illegal pre-selection; and not to inform the DMV about a change of address. The news of the charges came moments before Watkins, who is up for re-election, appeared in a major debate. When asked about the charges, Watkins said they were “very suspicious” and looked …

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California man charged with hate crime after driving into the black crowd

A southern California man was charged with assault and hate crime on Monday after allegedly driving his car into a crowd of black people last month, authorities said on Monday. Dennis Wyman, 42, of Redondo Beach, hit a 50-year-old security guard after racially insulting the group shortly before midnight on June 29, a spokeswoman for the Torrance Police Department said …

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Ray Hushpuppi is accused of cyber crime on two continents

On social media, where he posted a video throwing bundles of money like confetti, he told followers that he was a real estate developer. A federal affidavit, however, claimed that his extravagant lifestyle was funded by hacking programs that stole millions of dollars from large corporations in the U.S. and Europe. His extravagant posts left a digital trail of evidence …

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David Nelson and Nicole Anderson are charged with hate crime for destroying a mural of Black Lives Matter

David Nelson and Nicole Anderson are each charged with three crimes, including violations of civil rights, vandalism, and possession of vandalism or graffiti tools, the prosecutor said in a statement. The incident occurred shortly after the mural was painted on July 4th in front of the Martinez, California courthouse. “We need to address the root and byproduct of systemic racism …

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