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Fossil traces of an old crocodile that “ran like an ostrich”

An artist’s impression of how one of these creatures might have looked Scientists were stunned to find that some old crocodiles might have moved on two legs. The evidence comes from beautifully preserved fossil records in South Korea. Almost a hundred of these 18 to 24 cm long wells remained in the probably muddy sediments that surrounded a lake in …

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Huge, crocodile carnivores terrorized the Triassic dinosaurs 210 million years ago

Artistic reconstruction of two Rauisucher, who fight in the South African Triassic for a dry corpse of a mammal relative. In the background, dinosaurs and mammal-like reptiles form other parts of the ecosystem. Credit: Viktor Radermacher Rauisuchians fed on vegetarian dinosaurs, as Wits student Rick Tolchard said. Huge, predatory crocodile animals living in southern Africa during the Triassic period hunted …

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Enormous 30-foot crocodile terrorized dinosaurs 210 million years ago

Carnivorous dinosaurs are widely regarded as the largest predators in history, but a new study suggests that herbivores lived in front of a 30-foot crocodile 210 million years ago. Paleontologists have discovered fossilized teeth, jaws and limbs of Rauisuchians in southern Africa. After examining them, they suggested that the ancient predator ate early herbivore dinosaurs and their mammalian relatives. "These …

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Secret found as a surgical plate in 15-foot crocodile stomach

The saltwater crocodile named MJ died in June at the Koorana Crocodile Farm near Rockhampton, Queensland, in the northeast of the country. The orthopedic plate was discovered in the intestine of the animal along with various stones that were used for grinding food, during an investigation to his death. "Strange things appear in crocodile stomachs all the time," farm owner …

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Surprise find about crocodile teeth

(News) – A vegetarian crocodile? It seems strange, but a new study suggests that some old crocodiles fed on plants at least three times over aeons instead of meat, New Scientist reports. The disclosure comes from a study by the University of Utah, as described in Current Biology. Exploring the fossilized teeth of 16 extinct species of crocodile forms, the …

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Old crocodile teeth reveal some probably eaten plants: NPR

An artist has reconstructed what ancient crocodile ancestors looked like, including some that most likely ate plants. Jorge Gonzalez Hide Caption Switch caption Jorge Gonzalez An artist has reconstructed what ancient crocodile ancestors looked like, including some that most likely ate plants. Jorge Gonzalez Modern crocodiles can trace their ancestry back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. If you imagine this …

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