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As more and more cases of Covid-19 occur in 17 states, the night owls crowd together without masks

By Tuesday evening, more than 1,679,000 Americans had been infected with the corona virus, and more than 98,800 had died, according to Johns Hopkins University. The number of new cases is increasing in 17 countries. These states include Georgia, Arkansas, California and Alabama. In 20 states, the number of new cases per day generally drops. And 13 states, the numbers …

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Fox 2020 NFL soccer games for virtual fans, crowd sound added

SIMILAR POSTS Stadiums may be empty when soccer starts its season in autumn, but some games may not look or sound like it. Fox is looking for ways to fill the empty National Football League venues with digitally added fans and audience noise, Fox Sports spokesman Joe Buck said during an interview on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM radio program. “I think …

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Google Duo courts the PG crowd with the addition “family mode”

Google announced on Friday that some new features would be introduced for its video chat app. No, not one, the other. no, the other other. This latest update adds a “family mode” to Google Duo, the search giant’s mobile-friendly answer to Apple’s FaceTime, and an app that you can’t confuse with Google’s other video and text chat services, Meet and …

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South Koreans return to work, crowd parks, shopping malls when the rules for social distance weaken

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Koreans are returning to work, pushing malls, parks, golf courses, and some restaurants, while South Korea is loosening the rules for social detachment as the case of coronaviruses continues to decline. A growing list of companies, including SK Innovation and Naver, has ended or made it easier to work from home in the past few weeks, …

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