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Rapper TI charged by SEC in cryptocurrency fraud

Barstool Sports founder and president Dave Portnoy discusses how to dip your toe in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Rapper TI has been accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission of promoting a fraudulent cryptocurrency offering. The regulator said in its complaint that TI – real name Clifford Joseph Harris – was selling cryptocurrency tokens through its Twitter account and encouraging its …

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YAM Cryptocurrency dies almost immediately after launch

photo:: Alex Wong / staff ((Getty Images) What happens when you mix esoteric financial instruments with bad coding practices? You get Decentral Finance (DeFi), a new buzzword that’s popular with crypto fans. They see this as an opportunity to invest in new startups or to put money into work by lending dormant crypto to eager customers. The latest DeFi exhilaration …

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Google's breakthrough in quantum computing is extremely fearful in the cryptocurrency industry

In a recent publication by Google the tech monster claims to have achieved "quantum supremacy" through its Sycamore quantum chip. Quantum superiority essentially means the ability of a device to solve problems that conventional supercomputers can not practically solve. While this may be conducive to technological advances, development has created uncertainties for the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. …

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SEC stops Telegram's cryptocurrency plans in the United States

The agency says Telegram did not register the offer with its office, and because it sees Grams as a security, it accuses the company of violating the Securities Act of 1933. It is not clear how this injunction would affect Gram's launch all the way. Former SEC lawyer Zachary Fallon told Bloomberg that this may also make it more difficult …

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eBay and Stripe to end the cryptocurrency of Facebook

Ebay and Stripe are the second and third largest companies in a week to leave Facebook's planned cryptocurrency due to continued political pressure and just days before project supporters meet for their first board meeting. "We respect the vision of the Libra Association very much. However, eBay has decided not to act as a founding member. Currently, we are focusing …

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