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NASA needs your help to teach its Curiosity Rover how to drive on Mars

NASA is asking for your help to guide its Curiosity Rover around sand traps, sharp rocks and other obstacles on the Red Planet. With the new online tool AI4Mars, which is hosted on Zooniverse, anyone can mark parts of the terrain in the Curiosity landscape, which has been on Mars since 2012. The tool is a form of “machine learning” …

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NASA scientists control the Curiosity Mars Rover from home

Briefly: The ongoing outbreak of Covid-19 has forced millions of people to seek shelter and work from home. The same goes for the team that monitors and controls NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover, as the space agency has sent many of its employees home to combat the spread of the virus. NASA saw the move in advance and planned it accordingly. …

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NASA’s curiosity team controls the Mars rover from home

The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of Americans to work from home in the past month, and probably in the foreseeable future. Understandably, working remotely is easier for some employees than others, because coordinating with colleagues on the map can be a difficult test of patience and technology. But what do you do when your most prominent team member is …

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NASA employees drive the Mars Curiosity Rover from home

Textbook NASA NASA has not given up its Curiosity Mars in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, they controlled the curiosity from their home office after NASA instructed its employees to work remotely according to a NASA update. “It’s a classic NASA textbook,” said Carrie Bridge, head of the scientific operations team. “We have a problem and find out …

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