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Tesla’s Model Y has just received a $ 3,000 price cut

Tesla has reduced the purchase price of its Model Y by $ 3,000, so its Long Range AWD will now cost $ 49,990. Electrek reported. Model Y was only delivered in March, and earlier this month Tesla reported better than expected delivery figures for all vehicles in the second quarter, so the reason for the price cut is not entirely …

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Wells Fargo: Fed overreacts to dividend cut (NYSE: WFC)

After the results of the Fed stress test were released, Wells Fargo (WFC) has fallen close to the lows of the pandemic due to the Fed’s restrictions on dividend payments. The stock did not fall due to the actual weakness of the business or a bad result from the stress test. My investment thesis is still very optimistic since the …

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Airlines cut HKG flights through COVID-19 crew tests

Airlines face so many challenges in operating international flights, from lack of demand to ever-changing government restrictions. Well, it looks like US airlines now have a big new problem with operating flights to Hong Kong. American & United cancel HKG flights American Airlines and United Airlines had both canceled passenger flights to Hong Kong from March, and it was planned …

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The new H.266 codec from Fraunhofer promises to cut the cost of streaming 4K videos in half

The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, electrical engineering and computer science department of the prestigious German research organization, announced on Tuesday VVC, a new video codec standard that promises an efficiency increase of around 50 percent in streaming video compression. The full name of the codec is H.266 / Versatile Video Coding, because according to Fraunhofer it should be a successor …

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Red Dead Redemption 2 cut content revealed

Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4, Xbox One and PC is a long game. Depending on your playing style, it ranges from 50 hours to almost 200 hours. The game’s campaign not only has a lot of meat on the bone, but is also of extremely high quality. It is one of the best single player games ever and one …

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HSBC revives plan to cut 35,000 jobs

Fox Business Flash’s top headlines are here. Check what clicks on FoxBusiness.com. HSBC is resuming a massive redundancy plan it had put on hold after the coronavirus outbreak, and will cut 35,000 jobs in the medium term, a Reuters memo showed on Wednesday. The bank will also freeze almost all external attitudes, CEO Noel Quinn said in a memo to …

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