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The laser-powered rover explores the dark shadows of the moon

The light-flooded Rover Autonomy Testbed from ESA, which was seen during the night tests in Tenerife, is supposed to simulate the surroundings of the moon poles in low light conditions. Photo credit: Fernando Gandía / GMV A laser light that shines through the darkness could allow robots to explore the most tempting places in our solar system: the permanently shadowed …

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Megabyte punch developer “Left In The Dark” after Nintendo pulled the game out of the Switch eShop

We have heard of games mysteriously torn from the Switch eShop in the past, and the latest that appears to have disappeared in certain regions is that of Team Reptile Megabyte punch. In an email the small studio from the Netherlands (and previously responsible for Lethal League Blaze) explained how it released its “Electro Beat ‘M-Up Game” on the Nintendo …

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Can dark matter be found on Earth? New research says “maybe”

Dark matter may not emit light or radiation, but we may be able to see it shatter into atoms here on Earth. Dark matter makes up 85% of all matter in the universe, but astronomers have never seen it. The nature of this mystery – something – remains largely unknown. The mass we call dark matter emits no light, no …

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Could dark matter be hidden in existing data?

by Glenn Roberts Jr. This image was generated by a simulation that shows the development of dark matter in the universe. Photo credits: Milennium II simulation Dark matter has so far resisted all types of detectors designed to find them. Because of its enormous gravitational footprint in space, we know that dark matter must make up about 85 percent of …

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Coronavirus Live News and Updates: Some states are starting to open again as US brackets for a dark milestone

Georgia, Alaska and Oklahoma begin reopening. But even by the most optimistic estimates, it will take months and possibly years for Americans to squeeze into bars and squeeze into subway cars as they used to. Because the restart is gradual and certain locations and industries open earlier than others, it’s by definition complicated. The American economy is a complex network …

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Historical archive tells dark story of death from meteorites

Researchers have discovered the only historically documented case in which people were hit by a meteorite. Stories of meteorites falling to earth are carved into prehistoric stones and mentioned in the Bible, for example in Revelation 6:13, when we read: “The stars of the sky fell on the earth when the fig tree became its winter fruit shed a storm …

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