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Revisit The Past In Diablo III's Darkening Of Tristram Anniversary Event

Diablo III: The Eternal Collection levels and slaying multiple classic bosses. The anniversary event will give you the chance to unlock unique transmogrification effects, achievements, portraits, pets and more. Some rewards will be harder than others to find. Here is some of the rewards on offer: Below is Blizzard's official rundown of the event: Your Journey Begins on the Trail …

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No, scientists have not only suggested darkening the sun to stop climate change

Image: Johnson Space Center (NASA) Last week, a recent article by researchers from Yale and Harvard reported that "sun-dimming" is being proposed to mitigate climate change. The problem is that these reports misunderstood the cited research, which did not indicate that we are actually engaged in so-called solar geoengineering. Instead, Wake Smith, a lecturer at Yale, and co-author Gernot Wagner, …

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Mars Dust Storm Grows – Curiosity Skies Darkening

The dust storm on Mars is now affecting the skies over the entire planet. Opportunity remains in low-power mode and Curiosity now sees dark skies. However, some albedo features begin to show through the dust again – stay tuned. A self portrait of the NASA rover Curiosity, taken on Sol 2082 (June 15, 2018). A blast storm has reduced the …

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