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A Dutch stove by Darth Vader

A weekly news program documenting our crippling collective dependence on technology. The Engadget podcast returns! Prepare your headphones because the Engadget podcast is back in action! Early next week, Devindra Hardawar and Cherlynn Low will be hosting our first new episode after almost two years, responding to Microsoft's massive surface event. Is Microsoft producing better PCs than Apple after all …

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Birthplace of Darth Vader found? Evidence of a dangerous volcano, lava world in space

Researchers believe they have discovered what they refer to as "the first volcanically active exomoon", a celestial body eerily reminiscent of the tiny, fiery "Star Wars" planet Mustafar, on which Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. Potential The hypothetical exomoon is located in the WASP-49b exoplanet system, approximately 550 light-years from Earth. It was compared to 55 Cancri-e, a super-earth with …

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Scientists may have found a volcanic exomoon that Darth Vader might call home

Scientists may have found a volcanic world on the brink of destruction where the chances of finding life are highly unlikely. A scientist likened the site to a fictional, lava-strewn Star Wars world. But instead of an alien planet, the world seems to be a volcanic moon, much like Jupiter's volcano-covered Io satellite orbiting an exoplanet named WASP-49. This planet …

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Solo: How does Darth Maul live for this Star Wars movie?

Since the last anthology film Solo premiered a few weeks ago, there was an excited chatter among the Star Wars fans. Of course, there are many in-universe references and larger franchise connections in the movie – but there was a moment that drew the biggest leaps in air, at least at the Hollywood premiere. A key cameo, which has since …

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