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Heather Locklear looks happy to celebrate her daughter's birthday

Mega Heather Locklear is currently in a great location … assuming a picture is worth a thousand words. Heather could NOT have looked happier on Friday when she was celebrating her daughter. Ava 22nd Birthday in WeHo at Fig and Olive. Ride Along – Chris Heisse, Heather's ex, though it looks like they're up and running despite turbulent history . …

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Pennsylvania Man Bursts House on Daughter's Wedding Day

A man from Pennsylvania blew up his own house on his daughter's wedding day. The homeowner was found dead in the wreck on Saturday after an explosion and fire destroyed his property. In Edgewood, news broadcaster WTAE reported. The neighbors said they had discovered the man – whose identity was not published – on the sidewalk before the house went …

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The parents of San Bruno were charged with hate crimes after attacking a boy found in their daughter's closet

SAN BRUNO, California – A 15-year-old girl's mother and stepfather are in prison after they attack and abduct the teenager they find in their daughter's bedroom. The police say it is a hate crime. According to San Bruno Police, the biological father of 15-year-old Luisandor Suarez, her mother Haydee Arguello and stepfather Wilfredo Amaya physically abused a 17-year-old African American …

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Daddy is mad at my daughter's birthday party

DEAR CAROLYN: My dad is angry that I have my daughter's birthday party with my mother, although we are currently living with her to save money for a down payment of . My parents divorced when I was about 10 years old, and things between my parents were bitter for years. Nowadays, they are usually in order and even exchange …

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