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Trump's S-400 deception in Turkey

President Trump showed great ignorance on Tuesday when he stated, "Due to the fact that [Turkey] bought a Russian rocket, we can not sell them billions of dollars worth of aircraft, which is not a fair deal." Sorry, Mr President, it is fair and necessary. This is about more than a few billion dollars. What is really at stake is …

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"Like Lehman, we believe the deception will soon catch up with TSLA"

Hedge fund manager David Einhorn again tests Tesla. The investor compared Tesla to Lehman Brothers with his most famous and forward-looking bearish call. "Like Lehman, we believe the deception will overtake TSLA, Einhorn said in an investor letter on Friday." Lehman threatened short selling, refused to raise capital (it even bought back shares), and management publicly suggested that it would …

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The Rise and Fall of Paul Manafort: Greed, Deception, and Ego

Some of Manafort's employees now say they predicted that greed would be his downfall. Blessed with exceptional political instincts and his Georgetown Law School degree, Mr. Manafort built his political consulting firm into a powerhouse in Reagan-Washington, where the name Black, Manafort, and Stone became synonymous with string-pull, insider access, and electoral success But on the way, many say, he …

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"More Deception NASA": A UFO researcher showed the emerald city on the moon

The aliens have not organized a typical settlement with a strong infrastructure, I'm sure Scott Waring. The Moon is often a subject of discussion by scientists. The question of life on earth is often controversial. Despite official NASA data, ufologists continue to explore the lunar surface. According to recent reports, Scott Waring has shown the emerald green city on the …

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& # 39; Alex, Inc & # 39 ;, & # 39; Inhumans & # 39 ;, & # 39; Deception & # 39 ;, & # 39; The Crossing & # 39; and more canceled by ABC – TV By The Numbers by zap2it.com

Zach Braff's return to television has come to a quick end. ABC released Braff's comedy series "Alex, Inc." officially set, from which the news just days before the start of the series come broadcast its season 1 – now series – finals. If that was not enough, the cancellation comes from "Alex, Inc." even just an hour after the network …

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