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The ISS crew just delivered the latest Soyuz launch in 3 hours! It used to take days

A crew of three successfully reached the International Space Station on Wednesday aboard a Russian rocket after the fastest journey from Earth of just over three hours. The Soyuz spacecraft mission with two Russian cosmonauts and one NASA astronaut was of immense importance to the Russian space agency Roscosmos as the SpaceX program restarted manned space travel from the US …

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Wisconsin said the Foxconn factory touted by Trump has not delivered any orders

On Monday, officials in Wisconsin announced Foxconn, the Taiwan-based company that has pledged to create 13,000 jobs across the state, that it has missed the employment targets required to approve state tax credits for the second year running. Reuters reported that Wisconsin officials wrote a letter to Foxconn to inform them that the company was not employing enough full-time employees …

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Tesla (TSLA) delivered a record number of electric cars in the third quarter: 139,300 vehicles

Tesla (TSLA) has released its delivery and production results for the third quarter, confirming that it has delivered a record number of electric cars. Expectations were omnipresent this quarter. Just a few weeks ago, Tesla analysts’ Wall Street consensus was a little over 120,000 deliveries, but expectations rose to around 140,000 deliveries in the final week of the quarter. Today …

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On Warren Buffett’s 90th birthday, private wisdom from the oracle – delivered in 90 seconds

N.The last year will mark a decade for the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy, our annual gathering of around 150 of the world’s largest donors and problem solvers. The impact is enormous, and without today’s birthday boy, 90-year-old Warren Buffett, it wouldn’t be possible. In 2011, I gave the most generous philanthropist of all time the idea to move our …

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According to Musk, Tesla has delivered ventilators to CA. L.A., Sonoma received various machines

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla said Thursday The company has delivered more than 1,100 ventilators for the treatment of coronavirus-infected patients to hospitals in the United States and Spain. Deliveries included 100 ventilators in Los Angeles County and more than 20 in the Bay Area, according to Musk. But Los Angeles officials said they got another machine: bilevel positive airway …

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