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Einstein’s description of gravity is much harder to beat now

The visualization of the new gauge was developed to test the predictions of modified theories of gravity against the measurement of the size of the M87 shadow. Photo credit: D. Psaltis, UArizona; EHT collaboration Einstein’s general theory of relativity – the idea that gravity distorts the spacetime of matter – has stood up to over 100 years of scrutiny and …

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Joseph Griffin: A black man in Florida was arrested jogging for writing a suspicious description and later offered a job with the sheriff’s department

The video shared by the Volusia County Sheriff’s office showed how the incident played out. On August 27, sheriff officials were looking for a man suspected of stealing a weed eater / leaf blower from a shed behind a house, according to the incident report. One MP came across 28-year-old Joseph Griffin, who was jogging and matching the description of …

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Meadows defends Trump’s description of the explosion in Beirut as an “attack”

White House chief of staff Mark MeadowsMark Randall Meadows Negotiators stepped up their gas in coronavirus conversations as frustration increased. Legislators are targeting a COVID-19 relief contract this week. On The Money: Debate on unemployment triggers GOP divisions The pandemic shows shortcomings in unemployment insurance programs, a survey showed that almost a third of the newly hired workers were fired …

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Georgia teacher put on leave over description of the Confederate flag

A high school teacher in Georgia was flagged for her description of the Confederate flag, as reported in the Augusta Chronicle. "A sticker you put on the back of your pickup truck to announce that you want to marry your sister," the description says. 19659002] The Richmond County school system commenced an investigation after a picture of the projection had …

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The Australian Ambassador rejects Graham's description of the diplomat's role in Russia's heritage

Graham added that American officials "received information from an Australian diplomat instructed to contact [Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George] Papadopoulos and forward information received from Papadopoulos about the campaign to the Federal Bureau of Investigation" It was reported that Papadopoulos had revealed to an Australian diplomat, presumably Alexander Downer, details of his talks in April 2016 with Josef Mifsud, …

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Mueller complained Barr's description of the results of Russia Investigation's investigation into Trump

WASHINGTON – Robert S. Mueller III, the special advocate, wrote a letter to Attorney General William P. Barr at the end of March. He disagreed with his early description of the conclusions of the Russian investigation, which seemed to clarify President Trump of possible obstacles to justice. according to the Ministry of Justice and three people with direct knowledge of …

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