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Jony Ive brings his design talents to … Airbnb

I’m not going to pretend it obviously makes sense, but famous former Apple designer Jony Ive and his company LoveFrom will soon be working for Airbnb. Yes, the company that makes it easy for you to hire someone in the first place otherwise it is Home needs design help, and they go to the man best known for turning consumer …

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Apple announces HomePod mini with spherical design and S5 chip for $ 99

Apple today announced the HomePod mini with a new spherical design and the S5 chip at its “Hi, Speed” event. The device is the first expansion of the “HomePod” product range since the introduction of the original “HomePod”. The “HomePod” mini follows in the footsteps of the original device and offers Siri and high quality audio. The “HomePod” mini is …

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Tesla’s Elon Musk talks about the design of a single cast and his strategy for repairing collisions

Elon Musk recently shared some details about Tesla’s collision repair strategy when the company launched its one-piece cast vehicles. The update provides a glimpse into Tesla’s new approach to vehicle maintenance and repair, an aspect of the electric car maker’s business that is likely to be more notable as the company grows. Given that Tesla’s vehicles are built with large, …

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Russian design for a reusable missile sure looks familiar

Conceptual images of Russia’s upcoming reusable Amur rocket. image:: Roscosmos Roscosmos is advancing plans to build Russia’s first reusable missile. A look at the design reveals that given the vehicle’s uncanny resemblance to the SpaceX Falcon 9, the Russian space agency has no need to reinvent the wheel. Roscosmos signed a contract with Progress Rocket Space Center to come up …

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Ford has an electric pickup range extender design that falls into bed could be an option on the F150

Ford has a design for detachable range extenders that can fall into the bed of an electric pickup truck, which could potentially be an option for the upcoming F150 electric. Range extenders, which are basically generators, have not become popular with electric vehicle buyers. It’s basically the same concept as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV), with the main difference that a …

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