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Study suggests that the cosmic body destroyed the old village 12,800 years ago – HeritageDaily

A study submitted in Scientific Reports suggests that the stream of debris from a short-term comet could have destroyed the archaeological site of Tell Abu Hureyra. Tell Abu Hureyra is an archaeological site in the Euphrates Valley in what is now Syria. The place consists of two old villages, one of which dates back to epipaleolithic times when the inhabitants …

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3 ISIS hiding places in Iraq destroyed, coalition says

Three camps of the Islamic State (ISIS) in northern Iraq were destroyed by coalition planes in coordination with the Iraqi government, military officials said on Saturday. ISIS hideouts have been targeted in Wadi al-Shai, an area in Kirkuk province in the north of the country that is known to have become an ISIS hideaway. Hiding places in rural areas in …

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‘Gown and Out’ dress shop destroyed in riots, damage in excess of USD 500,000

The stars of ‘Gown and Out’ feel depressed after the turmoil and looting in Bev Hills destroyed their high-end clothing store … and the damage couldn’t have come at a worse time. Patrik Simpsonstarring in the reality show “Gown and Out in Beverly Hills” tells TMZ … he and his husband’s clothing store, Pol ‘Atteu Couture, were completely destroyed during …

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Buildings destroyed, looted on MIlwaukee’s East Side

Buildings destroyed, looted on MIlwaukee’s East Side Peaceful protests during the day turned violent on Sunday evening. Updated: 10:22 CDT June 1st, 2020 Hide transcript Show transcript HANNAH HILYARD NOW LIVES IN MILWAUKEE NOW WITH A BREAKDOWN OF PROTESTS AND FORMAT. Quite a message where you are, HANNAH. HANNAH: Yes, we moved to MLK and clapped in the central area …

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Tiger Woods reveals what “destroyed” his body when he was young

Tiger Woods’ greatest regret is not quite what you expect. When asked by a fan on golf television what he would say to his younger self, the five-time Masters winner recently replied: “Don’t run that much.” “Running over 30 miles a week on my first five or six years of touring has pretty much destroyed my body and knees,” said …

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