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Corona Virus Update: Md. See the deadliest report yet; Northam, Hogan Detail plans to slowly reopen

Maryland reported 74 new corona virus-related deaths when the region’s total daily count reached 112. Here is the latest. The newest Saturday morning’s report from DC, Maryland and Virginia brought gloomy news of the region’s deadliest day by far due to COVID-19. The three countries reported a total of 112 new deaths. 74 new deaths were reported in Maryland, bringing …

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The NASA photo shows the Milky Way galaxy center in striking detail

The center of the Milky Way is a crowded hub of millions of stars, surrounded by ultraviolet radiation and X-rays, swirling around a black hole as massive as 4 million suns. A shell made of dust and gas It's hard to see all of these activities, but NASA's NASA's Spitzer Telescope cut through the fog in 2006 with infrared sensors, …

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This could be the strangest detail in any embezzlement suit

(News) – The production company of Robert De Niro wants to pursue a former employee accused of embezzlement, and the lawsuit uncovered by Variety has a strange and entertaining detail. It accuses Chase Robinson of having seen an impressive 55 episodes of Friends during a four-day period in January during work. For a good measure, she also allegedly saw 20 …

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Sonos' first portable Bluetooth speaker licks in more detail

Thanks to numerous new images posted by WinFuture we can take a closer look at the long-awaited Sonos portable Bluetooth speaker. The German leak, which specializes in Microsoft leaks, has published what is called the "official marketing images" of the new spokesman, while giving us a name for the product S17: Sonos Move. The pictures give us a first glimpse …

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC: Any new detail about Dragon Quest Hero and version 4.0.0, both of which are now available

The Dragon Quest hero and the 4.0.0 update are both now available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. Posted by Nintendo Versus, The hero of Dragon Quest is part of the Challenger Pack 2 DLC with the altar stage by Yggdrasil and music from the rich history of Dragon Quest. Owners of the Fighters Pass from Super …

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In detail: Every clock, clock and every timer that went to the moon

The time available for operations on the Moon was limited by supplies that could be carried on the LEM. Apollo 11's Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong spent about 22 hours on the lunar surface. Once the Moon business was completed, the upper stage of the LEM went off, separating from the descent stage and meeting with the CSM (the possibility …

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