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Elvis left the planet and returned? Gravitational wave detectors capture harmony from King’s Pop Hit

technology 10:31 GMT April 19, 2020(updated 10:38 GMT 04/19/2020) Get a short URL The king’s fascination with UFOs and extraterrestrial life forms was written in detail. His shocking death in 1977 was rejected by some fans who were desperate to believe that he might have been kidnapped by aliens or that he himself was an alien. Scientists who monitor space …

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Spirit Airlines bans passengers whose e-cigarette triggered smoke detectors: reports

Share this story! Tell friends on your social network what you're reading. Spirit Airlines bans passengers whose e-cigarette triggers an aircraft's smoke detector: Reports Spirit Airlines has banned a passenger Post on Facebook Sent! A link has been sent to your friend's email address. 19659009] Posted! A link to your Facebook feed has been posted. CLOSE This Spirit Airlines employee …

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The study shows how to trigger near-unbeatable lie detectors

A new study has identified two relatively simple ways to trick a polygraph lie detector that uses a functional MRI machine (fMRI) instead of a conventional polygraph system. In contrast to techniques used to avoid normal lie detection methods, researchers have found that someone undergoing a lie detection test in the brain can drastically reduce the accuracy of the results …

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The gravitational wave detectors are turned on again and we are turned on

The LIGO Hanford Observatory Photo: Ligo (RIT) The gravitational wave detectors from LIGO and Virgo will continue their search for gravitational waves on April 1. This will be much more sensitive thanks to a series of upgrades for lasers, mirrors and other components. This next round will be a big deal for a variety of reasons. The first two observation …

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Google Play Malware uses motion detectors from cell phones to hide themselves

Malicious apps hosted on the Google Play Market are trying a trick to avoid detection. They monitor the motion sensors of an infected device before they install powerful banking Trojans ensure that emulators are not claimed by emulators that researchers use to detect attacks. Behind monitoring is that sensors in real end-user devices record motion while being used by humans. …

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