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Blizzard reportedly lowers costs by offering buyouts to developers to leave the company voluntarily

Blizzard's financial status appears to be a little more precarious than you believe, according to Overwatch's extraordinary performance. The first hints have recently surfaced when the company killed the eSports page for their beloved MOBA title, "Heroes of the Storm," but a recent Kotaku report provides more details on the matter. According to sources close to Blizzard, related sources For …

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Blizzard's "Heroes of the Storm" has been withdrawn and developers are switching to other games

Heroes of the Storm is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It includes characters from all of the company's renowned franchise companies, including Diablo, Overwatch and more. Although the title started out as a lackluster experience, it has become quite addictive in recent months. The continued support and odd mashups are the reason for its relative …

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Indie developers do not like Steam's new revenue distribution policy

Steamed Steamed is dedicated to all things in and around Valves PC gaming service. Steam is constantly evolving behind the scenes, but the recent restructuring of store-front molecules is causing some developers to scratch their heads. Now, if a game earns $ 10 million, developers need to share less money with Valve. And when it reaches $ 50 million, even …

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"Fix PUBG" campaign officially ended, developers focus on "stability" in new content

PUBG Corp.'s "Fix PUBG" campaign, designed to tackle the worst bugs and performance issues in the Battle Royale game, is now officially over. The developer-launched campaign in August has apparently tackled 100 quality-of-life errors and improvements, increasing player FPS, improving server performance, and locking more than 2 million accounts through an anti-cheat push. The end of the campaign does not …

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Command & Conquer and Red Alert Remastered are developed by former C & C developers

Electronic Arts today revealed that Command & Conquer's remasters, starting in October, will begin with Tiberian Dawn, the story of the first Tiberium war between the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod, in the original Command & Conquer was told. and the old universe Command & Conquer: Red Alert with all its extensions that are bundled with the …

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Magic Leap gives diversity, making game developers come aboard

Introduced in collaboration with Magic Leap. Watch the full keynote here and take a look at Gamasutras L.E.A.P. Conference coverage here! Magic Leap kept his first L.E.A.P. Conference in Los Angeles this week, with the company's first keynote presentation. From the moment the event started, it was clear that Magic Leap made a statement about his vision for himself and …

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