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Black hole devouring star: Scientists believe to have discovered a black hole that swallows a neutron star, resulting in waves in space and time

About 900 million years ago, a black hole probably swallowed a dead star. Last week, the resulting waves in space and time were finally discovered on Earth. If these scientific observations are confirmed, the cosmic collision would be the first example of a collision of a black hole with a neutron star, potentially providing new insights into the matter's expansion …

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Planet devouring star may emerge | Health and science

WASHINGTON – Astronomers may have caught a relatively close star chewing on a planet or miniplanets. A NASA space telescope noted that the star suddenly looked a bit strange last year. The Chandra X-Ray Observatory discovered a 30-fold increase in iron and pronounced dimming on the edge of the 10-million-year-old star. Astronomers observed the baby star – in the constellation …

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Chandra may have first evidence of a young star devouring a planet

Scientists have first observed the destruction of a young planet or planet around a nearby star. Observations from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory indicate that the parent star is devouring the planetary debris. This discovery provides insight into the processes that influence the survival of infant planets. Since 1937, astronomers have confused the strange variability of a young star called RW …

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Scientists discover for the first time devouring a planet

Astronomers observed a young star swallowing one or two planets in its rotating disk. The star belongs to the constellation Taurus-Auriga and is only 450 light years away from Earth. ( NASA / CXC / M.Weiss ) For the first time in the history of astronomy, experts have seen a star not far away that consumes at least one planetary …

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