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Diet and previous training do not show any effect on cognitive decline in aging dogs

Diet and previous training do not show any effect on cognitive decline in aging dogs. Photo credits: Clever Dog Lab, Messerli Research Institute, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria A new study in older dogs found that problem solving, sociability, boldness, and addiction decrease with age, and no associations were found between a fortified diet, lifelong exercise experience, and behavioral …

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Trump rewarded Sarah Huckabee Sanders with starbursts, Diet Coke

As the first Sunday morning of a new administration dawned, Sarah Huckabee Sanders arrived at the White House press office and found the phone rang. “Sarah, is that you?” asked a familiar voice. Two days after his inauguration, President Donald Trump was in the mood to talk. He told her about “that beautiful tweet” he had written to attack a …

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Eating to build muscle – food and diet plan

You can crank out heavy squats and curls until your quads and biceps cry out for mercy, and yet you don’t seem to be building the muscle you want. What’s happening? If, despite your commitment to the gym, you struggle to build muscle, your problem is most likely not your exercise, but your diet and lifestyle. Building muscle is a …

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The Great White Shark shark reveals surprising diet secrets

University of Sydney PhD student Richard Grainger catalogs the contents of a great white shark’s stomach. University of sydney Let’s pause the Jaws music. Scientists examined the gastric contents of 40 young white sharks off the coast of Australia and found that their diet included many more meals at sea level than previously known. “The stereotype of a shark’s dorsal …

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Prince Philip’s secret diet is revealed as the Duke of Edinburgh prepares to reach an important milestone

Prince Philip is preparing to pass another important milestone. The Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth celebrate their 99th birthday this month as he remains the oldest living member of the royal family. While Philip is only a year from the century mark, a former royal servant has revealed the secrets of nutrition that have kept him in top shape …

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Teen Mom’s Maci speaks after putting son Bentley on a strict diet

Instagram Teenage mother star Maci bookout defends herself after viewers hinted that she was harming her son Bentley. In the episode Tuesday night, Maci reveals that she has registered her 11-year-old son for private wrestling lessons as “it was a great ending for him” as he copes with family struggles. Fans fear, however, that Maci is taking his new interests …

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