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Scientists discover that giant carnivorous dinosaurs lived in Australia

A team of researchers analyzed dinosaur footprint fossils and concluded that they were large-body carnivorous dinosaurs that were up to three meters high and about ten meters long at the hips. This is from a press release from the University of Queensland. “To put this in perspective, T. rex reached about 3.25 meters on the hips and 12 to 13 …

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Discoveries of fossil eggs, including one in Antarctica, show that dinosaurs and marine reptiles laid softshell eggs

This is a collection of fossilized Protoceratops eggs and embryos discovered in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. They provide evidence that dinosaurs laid soft shell eggs. These tools, made from the bones and teeth of monkeys and smaller mammals, were recovered from the Fa-Hien Lena cave in Sri Lanka. The sharp tips served as arrowheads. This labeled map shows the …

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Petrified dinosaur stomach reveals dinosaur’s last meal, 110 million years old

The artist Julius Csotonyi created this illustration of the armored dinosaur Borealopelta markmitchelli. Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology What exactly did a 2,900 pound armored dinosaur eat 110 million years ago? Thanks to careful work by scientists, we know the answer. Lots of leafy greens. A research team uncovered the nutritional secrets of a petrified nodosaur, Borealopelta markmitchelli. “The discovery …

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Asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs hit at the “deadliest” angle

Most scientists agree that the 200-kilometer-wide Chicxulub crater in today’s Mexico originated when the asteroid struck and ultimately killed three quarters of life on the planet. However, the course and direction of these effects are still controversial. In a new study, an international team of researchers said that their 3D simulations showed that the asteroid hit at an angle of …

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Moroccans show that dinosaurs can swim with their tail “like no other”

Rabat – German-Moroccan paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim has released new evidence that spinosaur dinosaurs could swim, a controversial theory using their tails to drive them through water. Ibrahim examined the fossil of a tail researcher “Spinosaurus aegyptiacus” found in Eastern Morocco and came to the conclusion that the tail is “clear evidence” of the ability to swim. Together with his co-authors, …

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