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“The Society” and “I Disagree” canceled by Netflix due to COVID-related circumstances – deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Netflix has reversed its decision to extend the second season for Society. The YA drama, whose production was affected by COVID-19, has been canceled and will not shoot a second season. In addition, Netflix has chosen not to continue with a second season of another coming-of-age series. I do not agree. Primetime panic Your Complete Guide for Pilots and …

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Andrew Yang knows that you disagree with him about Shane Gillis

In tweets, Mr. Yang also repeated that he was the target of racist epithets in the past. Asked about his jokes about the love of mathematics and the knowledge of physicians, he has claimed that the Asian-American community is diverse, that his individual experiences do not speak for everyone, and that Americans are smart enough to embrace the myth of …

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Liz Cheney disagree on Twitter because of their knowledge of the 22nd Amendment

Representatives of the House Liz Cheney and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez exchanged barbs on Twitter about the knowledge of the 22nd Amendment and the Constitution. (AP / Getty Images) Representatives of the House of Representatives Liz Cheney and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez collided with Twitter over the mutual understanding of the constitution. Cheney, R-Wyo., Uttered a comment. Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y., during a recent MSNBC Town …

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Venezuela's vote: UN Security Council disagree

Britain, France and the United States opposed Russia and China in a diplomatic chicken game. The United States had had to wait weeks to come up with its draft resolution, in which embattled Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro was described as the result of "neither free nor fair" elections. The resolution also called for new presidential elections and access to humanitarian …

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Trump declares US Mexico border emergency, Democrats disagree

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump declared a national emergency on Friday to fund his promised wall on the US-Mexico border without Congress approval. These Democrats challenged the Democrats as a violation of the US Constitution. The Republican president's efforts to bypass the congress provided a new approach to achieving the pledge of a presidential campaign in 2016 to stop …

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Trump said the military should drop migrants. Officials disagree

Trump said on Thursday that US troops stationed between Mexico and the Mexican border next week before the elections should treat stones thrown by migrants as firearm attacks. "When they throw stones like the Mexican military police, they consider it a rifle." Friday Trump tried to reject these comments and tell the reporters that agents or soldiers are being hit …

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