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Dealing with Extreme Easter Disorders: Chief Correspondent for Religion, Lauren Green

Receive the latest news about coronavirus and more in your inbox every day. Sign in here. The coronavirus pandemic will prove extremely disruptive to many of the Christian believers who are celebrating Easter, but theologians say that lonely worship can have its own spiritual benefits. “Beyond the Easter traditions – such as Easter egg hunt and baskets, special Easter outfits …

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First human gene in the gene editing study to be infused with CRISPR to cure rare blood disorders

CRISPR, the groundbreaking and controversial gene editing technique, was used in a patient with a debilitating blood disease, scientists revealed today. The US and Swiss companies behind the plan say they are the first to apply CRISPR to a human without this being used on cancer patients in China. The unidentified patient in the clinical trial has beta-thalassemia, a hereditary …

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Central Ohio Parents Learn About Play Disorders in Children | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Parents in Central Ohio learn what the new mental health classification of play disorders could mean. The World Health Organization announced that compulsive video game play is now considered a new mental health condition. It is a step that some critics warn could risk stigmatizing young players. Local colleges point to thousands of studies where universities complete …

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