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Happy Birthday Madhuri Dixit: Five epic 90s songs by Bollywood’s dancing diva that can never be emulated

Madhuri Dixit Birthday Special: While Madhuri Dixit is celebrating her birthday today, let’s take a look at some of her legendary dance numbers that have left an indelible mark and must remain untouched. Bollywood was immensely blessed when Madhuri Dixit entered the industry in the 80s as a young teenager at the age of 17. Today, known as the “Dhak …

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How Moira Rose became the most endearing television diva

This story was first published in January 2020. Vulture publishes it in honor of the series finale of Schitt’s Creek. Moira is definitely not a frippet. Photo illustration: vulture and pop The character: Moira Rose, former soap star, current jazz agal and tireless matriarch of the run-down Rose clan on PopTV Schitt’s Creek. The actor: Catherine O’Hara, 65, who started …

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Is Meghan Markle a diva for two baby showers?

Expectant mother Meghan Markle seems to be excited by the birth of her baby, which is about to happen. Therefore, the American-born Duchess opted for two baby showers – one in New York and one in London – to celebrate the life-changing event. Not everyone was happy to be Meghan Markle's two extravagant hosts, and some consider it very disgusting. …

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Anne Hathaway's Self-Referential Diva is the best part of & # 39; s Ocean & # 39; s 8 & # 39;

In the new "Ocean's 8" robbery, Anne Hathaway portrays boastful actress Daphne Kruger, who, while dressed for a decadent gown and trinkets for the Met Gala, has a visually stunning meltdown – the kind of sun Imagine any Hollywood guy who shows their most spoiled circumstances. Daphne only calms down when her crazy stylist Rose Weil (Helena Bonham Carter) compliments: …

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