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Google Doodle honors Hawaiian ukulele player Israel ‘Iz’ Kamakawiwo’ole

Animated video doodle celebrates the music of Hawaii’s Israel Kamakawiwoʻol. Google The name Israel Kamakawiwoʻole may not be immediately apparent to some, but his music is known to many around the world. The Hawaiian-born – better known as Iz – was a musician, singer and songwriter whose ukulele medley from Somewhere Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World gave …

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Google celebrates 21st birthday with a doodle

Google turns 21 years old. Google Google is legal! Well, buy a beer anyway. While the legality of some other activities is controversial under certain state and federal companies the webgigant is celebrating its 21st birthday on Friday with a retro doodle. The Doodle shows you what a typical desktop computer looked like 21 years ago when Stanford Ph.D. Students …

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Seiichi Miyake: Google Doodle pays tribute to Japanese inventor

Seiichi Miyake is being honored by today's Google Doodle. Miyake is best known for developing tactile paving – bumpy or striped surfaces on stairs, pavements and train platforms – to help visually impaired pedestrians avoid potential hazards. He came up with the idea in 1965 as he sought to help a visually impaired friend navigate his way around busy public …

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Google Doodle follows Geminid's meteor shower to Earth

Google Doodle shows the Geminid meteor shower in the form of a slideshow. Google Doodle Google Doodle on Thursday took us on a journey to show how the Geminid meteor shower traveled to Earth. The Doodle slideshow shows how the 3200 Phaethon, an asteroid that can be an extinct comet, breaks when its orbit brings it close to our sun …

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Arecibo message decoded: Google Doodle celebrates anniversary of the first interstellar radio message

Google celebrates the 44th Anniversary of the Arecibo Message the first interstellar radio message of humanity sent by researchers with a scribble. What is the Arecibo message? The content of the original Arecibo message has been explained. (Image: phl.upr.edu) The Arecibo message, sent in 1974 by a group of scientists in Puerto Rico from the Arecibo observatory, lasted three minutes …

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Google Doodle is the first human attempt to talk to ET

This Google Doodle highlights the 44th anniversary of the Arecibo message being sent to the cosmos. Google Humanity sent its first radio message to the stars 44 years ago – and we're still waiting for some feedback. The Arecibo message, consisting of basic information about humanity and the earth, was sent on November. 16, 1974, from the radio telescope Arecibo …

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