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The door of the Boeing 777X Jets burned down

Boeing's new 777X large-capacity jet suffered a setback on Thursday afternoon during a high-pressure endurance test when one of the aircraft's cargo doors exploded outward. A 777X employee worked in a nearby bay at Boeing's Everett plant said he heard "a loud drone and earthquake". The accident happened with the so-called "static test aircraft", one of the two aircraft in …

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Sony says the door is closed when Spider-Man returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

MCU Spider-Man is no more. Marvel Bad news, Spider-Man fans in the hope that Peter Parker will dive back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Sony-Marvel-Spider-Man relationship seems very much to fail. "Right now the door is closed," said Tony Vinciquerra, chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures, at the Variety's Entertainment & Technology Summit on Thursday. In a deal between …

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"At the moment the door is closed" – diversity

Fans hoping for a return of Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe are disappointed to hear that, "Tony Hearts, Tony Pictures' Chairman and CEO, Tony Vinciquerra, says," Right now, the door is closed. " Variety added cryptically at the Entertainment & Technology Summit that "it's a long life," suggesting that the hero of Web Slinging may venture back into Disney's …

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Resident Evil 4-player kills the chainsaw type using only one door

Many people know Resident Evil 4 as the once-exclusive Nintendo GameCube, which eventually got onto all the other platforms. Over the years, not only have players loved the title, but it has also been considered one of the best in the entire series, if not the best. The game offers players a variety of ways to distribute the undead in …

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Alibaba opens the door for US sellers on its oldest platform

Image Rights Getty Images The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has opened its doors to the US seller on its oldest platform, Alibaba.com. It now offers tools that enable US companies to sell on the business-to-business platform in the US and worldwide. The move will enable Alibaba, which traditionally focuses on China To compete with global ecommerce giants like Amazon. Alibaba.com …

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Apex Legends door and death box kills kill players immediately

The popular Battle Royale game Apex Legends has had a number of glitches and glitches since the games were released in February, but this newly discovered door problem may be one of the most frustrating. Despite Respawn's best efforts, Apex Legends is not free from glitches in the game that can spoil the players a game. Since the start of …

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