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SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft put through its paces

SpaceX’s first human-tested spacecraft, the Crew Dragon, is put through its paces by NASA and even by Roscosmos astronauts. Kathy Lueders, former manager of the Commercial Crew Program (CCP), who was promoted to head of NASA’s Human Spaceflight Office (HEOMD) a few days ago, spoke mainly about her new job – as head of the Artemis Moon landing program – …

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NASA is said to enable the reuse of spacecraft and crew dragon boosters

WASHINGTON – NASA will allow SpaceX to reuse the Crew Dragon spacecraft and the first stages of the Falcon 9 for launch next year. By amending the Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) contract that NASA released with SpaceX last month, SpaceX will be able to use both the Falcon 9 first tier and the spaceship crew from the second spacecraft …

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Crew Dragon will likely support a longer stay in the space station

WASHINGTON – SpaceX’s spacecraft Crew Dragon is orbiting enough to give NASA confidence that the mission can last until August, an agency official said on June 9. Ken Bowersox, the acting associate administrator for human research and operations at NASA, reported an online meeting of two National Academies’ committees that NASA has been on the Demo 2 mission with NASA …

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SpaceX Crew Dragon chalks up a perfect docking at the International Space Station

Nineteen hours after a spectacular start in FloridaThe SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule caught up with the International Space Station early Sunday and slid in to dock and deliver with ease experienced astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken to the outpost in SpaceX’s first piloted space flight. The historic mission marks an important milestone in NASA’s efforts to end the agency’s …

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Watch live: SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft takes off

A boat passes the SpaceX Falcon 9 with a Dragon Crew capsule on the missile on Friday, May 29, 2020, on Launch Pad 39-A at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Two astronauts are flying on the SpaceX Demo 2 mission to the International Space Station, which is currently due to start on Saturday, May 30th when the …

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