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Minecraft dungeons – everything you need to know

Minecraft Dungeons is a brand new spin-off from the blockbuster crafting game Minecraft, but it is quite different from its source material. I mean, even if you’re a huge Minecraft fan, Minecraft dungeons may not be what you expect – instead of digging blocks, cutting down trees, and building all kinds of creative structures as you would in a Minecraft …

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Wizards distributes free Dungeons & Dragons materials

Pictured: dragons, a dungeon. picture:: Coast wizard For many of us, games are a powerful escape and coping tool in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. With digital tools that people can play with Table top and board games online, it’s a great way to spend time in the house with those you love, whether you’re together or not. Now, …

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Dungeons & Dragons Announces New Sourcebook and New Player Class

Wizards of the Coast, publishers of Dungeons and Dragons, have released a new Sourcebook for D & D Fifth Edition this fall: The Artificer. Eberron: RFtLW explores an alternative environment to the "traditional" D & D world of The Forgotten Realms – in which the majority of published adventures as well as the D & D video games (such as …

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Dicey Dungeons gives deckbuilding roguelikes the much needed charm

The genre of deckbuilding and roguelike currently has some time, but it's hard to stand out from the crowd with as many new games as Griftlands and SkyWeaver . But Dicey Dungeons a new play by Super Hexagon Terry Cavanaugh, I particularly noticed because it is overwhelmingly charming . Dicey Dungeon takes me through the familiar steps of fighting a …

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Dungeons may return to Nintendo job postings in new Legend Of Zelda game

Nintendo has released new job offers showing that the developer has already started producing another The Legend of Zelda game. Interestingly, the vacancies point to dungeons – a series that was largely missing in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2017 – will return in the upcoming game. Currently, Nintendo is looking for a 3DCG designer and level …

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