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North Korea warns citizens to stay home, saying dust from China could spread the coronavirus

North Korea has reportedly warned that seasonal yellow dust from China could carry the novel coronavirus and is advising its citizens to stay indoors. Reuters reported on Saturday North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun said “the need to deal with the yellow dust and take thorough action” has become more critical as the virus spreads around the world. The newspaper advised …

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PlayStation 5 only leaves 10 old PS4 games in the back-compatible dust

Aurich Lawson / Sony After Sony tore the PlayStation 5’s guts apart earlier this week, Sony confirmed almost everything we’d like to know on Friday about how the new console, which launches November 12th, will be compatible with PS4 games via backward compatibility. We should probably start with the big news from Sony Not just clarified. Today we got our …

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Dust could have controlled ancient human civilization

The map shows the Levant Region (shaded orange) which represents the western part of the entire Fertile Crescent region (shaded yellow). The study areas in Israel and Crete are shown in dashed gray boxes. Arrows from the Sahara and Negev indicate dust transport patterns, and their thicknesses indicate the relative grain sizes that are being transported. Fine-grained dust is transported …

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The interstellar visitor Oumuamua could actually be a cosmic dust bunny

Since then it has been floating through our cosmic forest neck, the interstellar visitor ‘Oumuamua fascinated and confused scientists. Now a new theory has emerged that the cigar-shaped space rock could actually be a dust bunny. Here on earth, “dust bunnies” are clumps of accumulated dust and debris held together by static electricity that float under furniture pushed by the …

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New research offers a solution to the ‘dust bowl paradox’

Experimental drying room near Hays, Kansas Photo credit: Alan Knapp Almost 100 years ago there was a strange slow motion takeover of the Great Plains. During the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, when a historic heatwave and drought hit the central United States, there was a dramatic shift in plant types in the region. Grasses, more common in the cooler …

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NASA shows the GIF of a dust devil on Mars

Windy season The team behind NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has uploaded an intriguing GIF of a dust devil rolling over the surface of the Red Planet’s Gale crater, a massive meteorite impact site, and a suspected dry lake. According to a NASA blog post, we are in the crater’s “windy season” – and that means the rover can see many …

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