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The Census Bureau will end the count earlier than expected and provide data to Trump

To meet this deadline, Dillingham said that “field data collection” will be completed by September 30th. Office professionals have said that after a pandemic delay in operations, it’s not possible to complete the count earlier this year by the end of next month. Dillingham also said the office is “continuing to meet the requirements” of two Trump orders: a July …

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T-Mobile is reported to be removing some phones from its network – even earlier than AT&T.

Do you remember when AT&T informed customers that their phones would no longer work and encouraged them to buy new ones during a pandemic? T-Mobile is reported to also send such messages, but it appears that the company could do it a little differently (and hopefully less aggressively) than AT&T, according to an obvious internal document from T-Mobile Android police. …

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Sony bosses want the PS5 event to be as professional as possible. Several shows were apparently declined earlier this year

At this point, we all know that the corona virus messed everything up for almost everyone – including Sony and the gaming industry. However, it is still interesting to hear that Sony originally planned several PlayStation 5 presentations earlier this year just to be rejected by higher companies. This information comes from Alanah Pearce at Kinda Funny Games Daily. Pearce …

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Roberto Azevêdo resigns world news a year earlier as WTO chief

The head of the World Trade Organization has announced that he will quit more than a year before the end of his term, threatening to dismantle trade barriers and forge stronger global cooperation after the coronavirus pandemic. Roberto Azevêdo will be leaving in August. The 62-year-old Brazilian has been General Manager since September 2013 and his second term of four …

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