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Gene editing for the production of “Super Dad” cattle

Image rights JonOatley Image description According to scientists, the genetically modified goats are “proof in principle” Scientists have produced gene-edited animals that they say could serve as “super-fathers” or “surrogate sires”. The pigs, goats, cattle and mice produce sperm, which carry the genetic material from donor animals. The researchers used a high-tech gene editing tool to turn off a male …

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For the first time, CRISPR gene editing was used on squid

For the first time, the innovative CRISPR gene editing method was used on squid. This marks a milestone in the scientific study of these creatures – and opens up many new areas of potential research. CRISPR enables very precise, fast and inexpensive DNA processing. Simply put, the ingenious molecular workings of the method are often described as something that allows …

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A new understanding of the CRISPR-Cas9 tool could improve gene editing

The 3D structure of a basic editor, consisting of the Cas9 protein (white and gray), which binds to a DNA target (blue-green and blue helix) that is complementary to the RNA guide (purple), and the desaminase proteins (red and pink ). who exchange one nucleotide for another. Photo credit: UC Berkeley Image by Gavin Knott and Audrone Lapinaite In just …

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The modified CRISPR gene editing tool could improve the therapies for HIV and sickle cell disease

Credit: CC0 Public Domain City of Hope researchers may have found a way to sharpen the fastest, cheapest and most accurate gene editing technology, CRISPR-Cas9, to more successfully cut out unwanted genetic information. This improved cutting ability could someday accelerate potential therapies for HIV, sickle cell disease and possibly other immune diseases. "Our CRISPR-Cas9 design may be the difference between …

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Prime Editing, a new gene editing technique, may offer improvements over CRISPR: Shots

Scientists are exploring a new technique called prime-editing, which is more precise than CRISPR and where certain enzymes, including reverse transcriptase, are used to edit DNA. Evan Oto / Science Source Hide Caption Switch caption Evan Oto / Science Source Scientists are exploring a new technique called prime-editing that is more precise than CRISPR and that uses certain enzymes, including …

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Scientists sharpen gene editing tool

Credit: CC0 Public Domain              Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine scientists have fine-tuned their delivery system to deliver a DNA editing and modify gene function. The improved "hit and run" system works faster and is more efficient.                                                 "said Baisong Lu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Regenerative Medicine at" with this novel method for the CRISPR-mediated gene editing WFIRM and …

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