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Trump tax cuts to support the economy for another two years: Edmund Phelps

"We are in a boom, but all booms are over, and this high level of production and employment can not be sustained," he told CNBC's Martin Soong on Sunday at China Development Forum in Beijing. Phelps won the 2006 Nobel Prize in Economics for his work on the short-term and long-term effects of economic policies. "I would be surprised if …

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The Bell toll for the Edmund Fitzgerald

Commemoration of Shipwreck at Split Rock TWO PORT, Minnesota. On November 10, 43 years ago, a tragedy shook Lake Superior. The ship SS Edmund Fitzgerald sank and took away all 29 crew members On Saturday, this ship was honored with its lost lives at the Split Rock Lighthouse. One might expect this event to be full of sorrow and grief. …

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Tennessee Death Row convict Edmund Zagorski chooses electric chair over lethal injection

Death candidate Edmund Zagorski has selected the electric chair for his scheduled execution on Thursday. Zagorski's decision came within hours of a ruling by the Tennessee Supreme Court that approved the state's controversial three-drug injection protocol Zagorski was one of 33 inmates who filed a lawsuit, claiming the drug cocktail that was being delivered deadly injections, prisoners died. However, the …

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Edmund Zagorski wants to die with an electric chair

CLOSE Edmund Zagorski is expected to be executed on 11 October Nashville Tennessean Edmund George Zagorski, 63, has spent 34 years in prison – the second-longest current job for a death row candidate. Inmate Edmund Zagorski said on Monday to the law enforcement officers that he preferred to be executed with the electric chair Zagorski, 63, is scheduled to die …

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