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asterisk! NASA warns that space rock, which is twice the size of the Eiffel Tower, is sinking on Earth – RT World News

The seemingly endless stream of terrestrial space rocks continues as an Apollo-class asteroid with a diameter of between 280m and 620m will fly over our planet on November 21st. The affectionately named "481394 (2006 SF6)" asteroid moves at a speed of approximately 27,360 km / h (17,780 mph) and becomes what NASA calls shortly after midnight (GMT) a mid-November " …

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Man who boarded Eiffel Tower is taken into custody

A man who boarded the Eiffel Tower and abruptly closed the National Monument on Monday for several hours was detained, authorities said. About 2,500 people were evacuated from the building while the Paris Fire Brigade tried to catch the climber, officials said. Around 9:30 pm, the authorities said, they were able to talk to the man who spent hours near …

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Eiffel Tower closed as man climbs Paris landmark

His motivation to climb the landmark of Paris was unclear. Officials closed the tower and began evacuating visitors after the man had been spotted for the first time. Pictures and videos of the person who climbed to the 324-meter-high tower ("The Eiffel Tower was closed and evacuated because a person climbs it," said a spokeswoman for the landmark the day …

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The Eiffel Tower is closed until further notice after the climber has climbed the famous Parisian attraction

One of the top tourist attractions in Paris closed on Monday after a person climbed the Eiffel Tower. The attraction operators tweeted around 10:00 am and reported that the tourist attraction was "closed until further notice". The unidentified climber was discovered on top of the tower. The climber seemed to be wearing a red jacket and was near the top …

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