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Trump boys romp on the Emerald Isle

Image Caption PA Caption Donald Trump Jr Center) and Eric Trump (right) behind the bar in Tubridy's bar in the village of Doonbeg The two adult sons of US President Donald Trump poured a glass of Guinness on a pub crawl during a stopover in Ireland. The President and his family live in County Clare in his Doonbeg Golf Resort, …

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The mystery of the strange, emerald green icebergs in the Antarctic could finally have been solved

Some icebergs look white. Others look blue. But the most precious of them all seems to be emerald green. Since the 1900s, sailors and explorers have occasionally seen these strange green icebergs or jade mountains hovering in the gray Antarctic landscape. Their strange color has puzzled scientists for decades; Now we could finally have a plausible explanation for this phenomenon. …

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The emerald engagement ring of the crazy rich Asians belongs to Michelle Yeoh

A crazy-rich proposal requires a crazy giant ring. And for the cast of Crazy Rich Asians finding the right sparkler meant tapping into their personal collections. [Attention: Crazy Rich Asians Follow Spoiler!] When? Www.mjfriendship.de/de/index.php?op…27&Itemid=47 Finding the perfect ring for Nick to propose to Rachel in the film adaptation of her beloved novel has created a piece for the production team …

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"More Deception NASA": A UFO researcher showed the emerald city on the moon

The aliens have not organized a typical settlement with a strong infrastructure, I'm sure Scott Waring. The Moon is often a subject of discussion by scientists. The question of life on earth is often controversial. Despite official NASA data, ufologists continue to explore the lunar surface. According to recent reports, Scott Waring has shown the emerald green city on the …

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