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Colorado fossils show how mammals rest to fill the emptiness of dinosaurs

Mammals had their happy break 66 million years ago. An asteroid crashed into today's Mexican Chicxulub, unleashing a catastrophic chain of events that led to the destruction of non-bird dinosaurs. On this day, her furry ascension to the top of a brave new world from which our species would one day emerge . However, little is known about the period …

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Meet our neighbors, the local emptiness. Look inside, Puny Humans.

Our planet is part of the larger structure of the solar system, which is shaped and stabilized by gravity. Our solar system, along with hundreds of millions of other solar systems, is gravitationally bound to the Milky Way. And our galaxy is also part of a larger structure in which not only gravity but also the expansion of the universe …

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Astronomers map vast emptiness in our cosmic neighborhood

A smoothed rendering of the structure surrounding the local void. Our Milky Way is at the origin of the red-green-blue orientation arrows (each 200 million light-years long). We are at the boundary between a large, low-density cavity and the high density Jungfrau Cluster. Picture credits: R. Brent Tully An astronomer from the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Hawaii …

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Microbes on the ISS mutate to survive the emptiness of space – RT World News

Good news for future astronauts and prospective space tourists alike: Space-bound microbes do not mutate into the human-threatening, antibiotic-resistant superbug shape, as many had previously feared. A recent study by Northwestern University researchers found that microbes aboard the ISS mutated genes other than their terrestrial counterparts as part of either a natural selection or a possible mutation. "There has been …

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Like & # 39; Aquaman & # 39; fill the emptiness of Star Wars in December

The latest trailer for James Wan's movie suggests the scope is larger than people expect. On Monday morning, Warner Bros. released its latest trailer for Aquaman by James Wan (19459006) as well as announcing that tickets are for sale. Although fans have just received a five-minute extended trailer last month, the latest trailer is surprisingly full of new material, though …

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Behold the quiet emptiness of the Toyota Avalon

Normally the cars I catch for Meh Car Monday were never originally designed to be meh. Mehness has happened to them somehow. The Toyota Avalon, however, is not so sure of me because the car seems to have as its main goal an almost faunistic quality of nothing disguised as "comfort". The Toyota Avalon is not so much a car …

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