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Microsoft's enhanced facial recognition technology targets recording

Microsoft says its face recognition works better now, regardless of skin color or gender. Chris Monroe / CNET Face recognition systems could better recognize you now. Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it has updated its face recognition technology to improve recognition for all skin colors and genders. The company said it reduces error rates by up to 20 times for …

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Is this a Van Gogh painting? Chaotic clouds of Jupiter appear like stunning oil paintings in color enhanced image

Citizen scientists used data from Junocam imagers to create a color-enhanced image of Jupiter clouds. The picture was taken during the 13th near flyby of the spacecraft Juno. ( NASA / JPL-Caltech / SwRI / MSSS / Gerald Eichstädt / Seán Doran ) NASA's Juno spacecraft drew a color-enhanced image of the swirling clouds and turbulent vortices on the northern …

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Valve Steam Controller receives Bluetooth LE support for enhanced connectivity for mobile devices

Valve has enabled Bluetooth support on the Steam Controller via a Steam Client beta update. The update adds support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity and Valve notes that the BLE feature is required for the Steam Link Mobile PC gaming streaming app, which will be released shortly. Players can switch between wireless modes when the update is applied, and …

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Google's enhanced protection program is now easier for iOS | News and opinion

Google's advanced protection program, the highest level of account security, now works with native iOS apps such as Apple Mail, Calendar and Contacts. Google's Advanced Protection Program, the highest level of account security, becomes iOS-friendly. The program now works through native iOS apps like Apple Mail, Calendar and Contacts. "This allows iOS users to sign up for the program without …

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After the Parkland shoot, Fox Valley schools added cameras, bullet-proof glass, and enhanced security controls

In the nearly two months since a fatal shot at a Florida high school, some Fox Valley districts are seeing an increased focus on safety at their own schools. In St. Charles, discussing large-scale security improvements Already before the shootout, a district administrator said security attention had increased since the February 14 shootings in Parkland, Florida, and probably accelerated some …

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Snapchat launches first TrueDepth Enhanced AR lenses for iPhone X users

Snapchat today started implementing Apple's TrueDepth camera technology in its "Lens" selfie feature. The silent update means that iPhone X owners using Snapchat will see augmented reality masks in the app that use Apple's advanced face mapping technology to make the mask more realistic on the user's face and more accurate movement to pursue. Apple unveiled the AR Snapchat lenses …

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