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Why Trump’s enthusiasm for bids could matter

This split may be a good sign for Trump, as the candidate who led with enthusiasm (or a closely related question) has won every presidential election since 1988, although there are reasons to believe that Biden could break this series. It is important for Trump that the leading enthusiast has won with larger margins in both narrow and elections. One …

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Biden consolidates the support, but remains poor in enthusiasm: survey

Former Vice President Joe Biden has emerged in a new ABC News / Washington Post poll as the Democrats’ first choice for the President’s nomination, but only with a bare majority within his party and a massive lack of enthusiasm in a November matchup against President Donald Trump. Indeed, with only 24%, Biden’s strong enthusiasm for his supporters is the …

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The Trump rally in Dallas is full of enthusiasm and stands in stark contrast to the chaos in Minneapolis

President Trump launched a campaign rally on friendly grass in Dallas on Thursday, just hours after Energy Secretary and former Texas head of state Rick Perry announced he would soon retire from a house democrat investigation into an impeachment investigation – and a week later Chaos and violence erupted at a Trump rally in Democratic Minnesota. About 30,000 people gathered …

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China is congesting mostly weaker Asian markets as the enthusiasm for trade deals cools

In Asia, stock prices were mostly lower on Tuesday. The return of Monday's rally was fueled by news that President Donald Trump had delayed a deadline for raising tariffs on imports from China to allow time for further negotiations. However, a report in Hong Kong's South China Morning Post reported that Wang Zhaoxing, Deputy Chairman of the Banking Supervision Bureau, …

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Dow sinks 800 points as trade truce enthusiasm fades

The Dow drops 805 points, or 3%, on Tuesday. It was down about 700 points. The S & P 500 declined 2.5%, while the Nasdaq tumbled 3%. Big tech stocks fell sharply. Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN) and Alphabet (GOOGL) lost more than 3% apiece. But investors are quickly realizing that the US-China trade was is not over. The tariffs already …

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