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Read: Pelosi sends a letter entitled "Dear Colleague" about the vote on the termination of the impeachment trial

For weeks, the President, his White House attorney, and his congressional allies have made unfounded claims that the House's impeachment investigation "lacks the necessary approval for a valid impeachment trial." They argue that they could just pretend that there was no impeachment investigation because Parliament did not vote. Of course, this argument has no reason. The constitution stipulates that the …

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Alan Dershowitz: Trump "fully entitled to claim the privilege of an executive"

President Trump has the right, according to Alan Dershowitz, to invoke the executive's privilege, even when it comes to the former communications director of the White House. Congressional legislators often claim that presidents are in many cases not "above the law" These cases, but the congress itself is not "above the law," Dershowitz told host Laura Ingraham in Fox News, …

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Verizon is entitled to accelerate and make money, readers say

Some readers think we are unaware. We said Verizon Wireless should "throttle" the service of customers who exceed monthly limits and have a better opportunity to make money than anger customers. Many have written to say: Verizon is a business and is making money. We still think there is a better way. A Brief Summary: Verizon Wireless & # 39; …

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