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Modern warfare players complain this weekend about “fake” double XP awards • Eurogamer.net

“This is not a stupid ‘conspiracy theory’ that I have. It is actually true.” Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players have contacted Activision for “fake” claims about the weekend’s double XP promotional event. “This is not a stupid ‘conspiracy theory’ that I have. It’s actually true, at least in multiplayer,” said u / Radeni (thanks, Dexerto). “For those of you …

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Maxime Bland, creative director of Splinter Cell, resigns after allegations of Ubisoft misconduct. • Eurogamer.net

Maxime Béland resigned from Ubisoft. In a statement to our sister site VGC, Ubisoft confirmed that Béland had left his position “immediately effective”, but added that the allegations against him would continue to be investigated. Béland was suspended last week when the publisher / developer was reportedly on leave of absence from two executives and “several other employees” when he …

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Modern Warfare Season 4 Download “Going Big” • Eurogamer.net

Infinity Ward has warned of tomorrow’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 update download “will be big”. in the a series of tweetsAshton Williams, Community Manager at Infinity Ward, said the developer reduced the total storage space that Modern Warfare and Warzone, which currently occupies 200 GB, by compressing assets. This means that the Series 4 update only consumes …

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Why Pokmons #ThankYouGameFreak is trendy • Eurogamer.net

The Pokmon developer Game Freak has had a hard time lately. The Japanese studio was criticized by players who were angry about certain aspects of the upcoming Pokmon Sword and Shield. The recent leaks have aggravated the problem. Now the hashtag "ThankYouGameFreak" is on trend worldwide on Twitter – and people are using it to give the embattled developer a …

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Why it took so long to expand World of Warcraft • Eurogamer.net with players of different ethnic backgrounds?

With the addition of New World of Warcraft Shadowlands, players can finally choose characters with ethnic diversity and darker than tanned skin. It only takes 15 years. The new customization options will be part of a comprehensive customization for all breeds, so that trolls can not show any exposed bones to any type of body tattoo and undead. But why …

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