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Mount Everest climbs to new rules after deadly season

Climbers looking to ascend Mt. Everest next year may be the highest summit in the world. Eleven people died this year on Mount Everest – including 9 in Nepal – likely due to altitude sickness, which is caused by low levels of oxygen at high elevation and can lead to headaches, vomiting, shortness of breath and mental confusion. Nepal has …

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The deadly crowds of Mount Everest, green climbers, are nothing new

Adrian Ballinger had not expected that a dispute would arise over the cutting of lines around the world. The founder of the US company Alpenglow Expeditions, a commercial climbing company, set off in 2011 with his team on the way to the Mount Everest summit. Ballinger knew that the bottleneck on the south Nepalese side of the mountain could delay …

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Mount Everest Trash: 24,000 pounds of trash have just been removed from Mount Everest, leading to the discovery of four bodies

The Nepalese government has removed slightly more than 24,000 pounds of garbage from Mount Everest, according to The Associated Press. In their purge of the highest mountain in the world the cleaners have also uncovered four dead. Danduraj Ghimire, Tourism Department official, said the 11-tonne of the 45-day project included food packaging, cans, bottles and empty oxygen cylinders. The clearing …

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Why was this year so dangerous for the mountaineers of Mount Everest?

However, the 11 deaths of this season are not due to one event but to several factors that have led to the overcrowding of the most dangerous areas on the way to the summit. Mountaineers have proposed difficult weather conditions, a lack of experience and the increasing commercialization of expeditions add to the danger. "I do not want to be …

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Colorado lawyer while descending Mount Everest, officials say

A Colorado patent lawyer died Monday while descending from the summit of Mount Everest, the second American in the many weeks to the peak of the world's highest mountain. An official from Nepal's Department of Tourism told Reuters that Christopher Kulish, 62, reached the 29,035-foot peak via the mountain's Southeast Ridge, but passed away suddenly at the South Col, about …

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The death toll on Mount Everest rises to 11

American attorney Christopher John Kulish, 62, died Monday after reaching the summit of Everest on the Nepalese side of the mountain in the morning, Meera Acharya, the director of Nepal's tourism department, told CNN late Monday evening. Before he died suddenly, strong and safe at the South Col (at an altitude of about 7,900 meters), she said. In a statement, …

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