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The Romans invented recycling: excavations in Pompeii show that rubbish was collected, sorted and resold

As master engineers, the Romans were way ahead of us, from underfloor heating to aqueducts, which, among other things, could transport ancient water for miles. Now it turns out that they were just as advanced in disposing of their garbage – and according to the latest knowledge, they were the ultimate recycling company. Professor Allison Emmerson, an American academic, is …

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The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is carrying out extensive excavations from the Jurassic period

CLOSE There is no fun for kids in and around Indianapolis. You just have to know where to look. Dwight Adams, [email protected] The Indianapolis Children's Museum is carrying out a significant excavation of a property in northern Wyoming, overflowing with Jurassic era fossils. This will lead to a major expansion of the museum's popular Dinosphere exhibition. The museum announced Monday …

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Cellar excavations may lead to missing remains of the father

LAKE GROVE – A Lake Grove man who has found human remains in his basement hopes he will lead to answers about his missing father. For almost six decades, the modest home on Olive Street had a secret. And now Michael Carroll has revealed the mystery of what happened to his father George. "I have a cellar in the basement, …

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Excavations begin with a truly huge new telescope

Artist Rendering of the GMT Graphic: Giant Magellan Telescope The larger the mirrors of a telescope, the better the resolution. The excavations have just started on a new telescope that will be really huge, called the Giant Magellan Telescope. The GMT will have a diameter of 24.5 meters (83.5 feet), high in the Chilean desert. It is one of several …

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